Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick House

We had quite a day yesterday. I was looking forward to Lily getting back to school and getting back on a schedule (it seems really hard to keep anything consistant these days for some odd reason between my husband's work hours and the kids being sick.) but when Lily woke up crying with a fever I knew that was not happening. Then Little Noah had been up all the night before with a fever of his own and Wesley woke up and had the accidents of all accidents. I will spare you the pleasant details LOL. So after getting them all bathed and back in bed I figured it was going to be a long day around here. As it turns out the kids slept a good part of the day and I did even less then usual of course besides waiting on my poor babies hand and foot and worrying myself sick. Now its almost 5:30 a.m here on Wednesday. Wes is at work, Lily is in her bed sleeping with her t.v WAY to loud and both boys are in my bed.
I have been letting Noah co sleep again quite a bit. I think with the baby coming in a couple of months and now him being sick I Just really want him close to me. I am realising that he is just not a baby anymore and its making me kind of sad. Only natural I figure, they grow up right? But when I look him I admit I do still see a baby and I know the moment Sophia is home from the hospital the comparison is going to be tough to swallow. It always is for me for some reason. I remeber the first week we had Noah I would just look at Wesley and cry. He was HUGE all of a sudden and it was a crazy reminder that they will not stay little or ours forever. Of course a big part of me realises they are never truly competely ours to begin with. In my heart I believe their time with us in our homes are a stepping stone and a blessing from God. In my eyes we are all truly his. Its my job to provide care and nurturing for as long as they need it (God help me if thats 40 huh LOL) and then motherhood and love for as long as I live. But never the less I do realise at some point I will have to let go. Anyhow rambling. Did I mention it was almost 5:30 am LOL.
Project 365 is going really well for me. I feel like I am finally starting to "get it" and my photography is growing as a result. I am enjoying photographing my kids a lot more now that I know what I am doing. I also admit that all the attention and kind words in the community has been very uplifting and made me feel wonderful. Its nice that we all can stand on each other's shoulders. I can't even begin to say how much I feel like I have grown as an artist and a person since I have been around all the amazing women in the digital scrapbooking community. Of course once you start making friends internationally and are exposed to so many amazing cultures you can not help but become a more well rounded individual.
Anyhow Noah is awake now and on my lap so my time has just become very limited LOL. Here is a few 365 out takes have you for the day. My 3 pitiful babies lol!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have been tagged!

My lovely friend Siwan has tagged me on her blog and though Im a bit slow, I thought it would be fun to play along :)
Here were the rules
1 - Link back to the blog that tagged you
Here is her awesome blog Siwan's Blog
2 - Make a list of 6 (un)interesting things about yourself
  1. I am pregnant with my fourth baby. We found out its a girl! (I know I know just can't say it enough LOL) Her name will be Sophia. I would have a bus load of babies if I could afford it!
  2. I turned 19 a week after I had my first daughter Lillian. It was a blessing and amazing life changing experience for me. I am so blessed to be a mom.
  3. My son Noah is addicted to vanilla pudding.
  4. I pray to be a professional photographer some day.
  5. I am totally insecure at times and can get a bit anxious over silly things. (like talking on the phone LOL)
  6. My hair is to my butt. I havent cut it since my son Noah was a couple months old. I am afraid to cut it.
There we go cant get any more boring or random huh LOL
3 - Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment
I am tagging

Have fun girlys :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back in the Swing of things

So tomorrow is Monday. Mondays really are a mixed bag for me. Partly its exciting to begin a new week. A fresh start, a new day. And when you are pregnant it brings you one day closer to meeting your little blessing. Plus on any morning of the week there is nothing sweeter then waking up and seeing the faces of your sweet children. Of course that is before they have a chance to start to drive you nuts LOL. I don't love the hustle and bustle of school mornings and trying to get out the door on time with three small children in the freezing cold. Living on the third floor wasn't the best idea with such a large family. We have decided though we are going to look for a more practical place as soon as our lease up here. Now to find affordable housing, thats going to be fun LOL.
My project 365 is going awesome. I admit some days I am kind of lazy to get them posted but once I do it feels wonderful! I also really enjoy browsing other's blogs. Its amazing how you really connect with other people out there in this community. You become familiar with their family and their life style. Even cooler I am starting to recognize people's kiddos in the galleries too LOL. I wonder if my kids are as recognizable to those familiar with my own pages.
I am really anticipating income tax this year. We have to upgrade to a mini van because we are really limited on space with our car now. Theres no way 4 kids are going to fit, so its a necessity. A not so necessity will be my 40d if I can afford it once all the bills are paid but I really really want it, especially when the baby comes. I love my Xti but am starting to feel like I am out growing it and if I want to really take my photography serious I have to really be willing to invest in my hobby. (I would love to have a career within the next few years or so)
I am having a blast with my creative teams. There aer Some GORGEOUS kits coming out this week and I am SO anxious to post my layouts! I still have a few more to make but can't say how blessed I feel I am to be able to work on such great teams with such amazing women!
Anyhow off to la la land. I don't do so well waking up early that first day back on a schedule LOL.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yay its Thursday!

I love Thursdays cause the weekend is just so close! We normally don't do much on the weekends around here. But this Friday I am going out with my best friend Jessica to look at all the adorable little girly things in the store and you know I am taking my camera with me lol! I probably won't do much shopping yet but it will be fun to look. I admit I don't get out as much as I used to either so this will be a nice chance to do some female bonding and have some time for myself!
I have been busy busy scrapping lately. I absolutely am SO glad I am getting back into the swing of things! I can't wait for income tax because there are some gorgeous kits in the community that I need. Especially now that I know we are having a girl! Vinnie Pearce has a kit at cat scrap I am head over heels in love with! Actually I love everything she has but am way to intimidated to apply to the call she is having right now LOL So I will just drool and wait till I can afford to buy up everything in her store!
Heres a layout I did recently to celebrate our little Sophia.
I used Bren Boone's Gorgeous kit Baby on Board. I can't wait for baby Sophie to get here so I can do a layout with her sweet photos with this too. Its just precious!
I admit I need to take more maternity photos and will do that when I am brave enough to get my whole self in front of the camera again LOL I do have one of just tummy though I took this morning in the bathroom mirror. The dreaded bathroom self photo LOL!!
The other layout I did recently was with Natali Design's amazing new kit All you Need is love.

I chose older photos of my kiddos for this. I have been feeling very nostalgic lately and have been going through some of my older pictures of my kids cause it reminds me of when they were babies. They are growing up so fast! Its very surreal that we are pregnant with our fourth child. It seems like we were just bringing little Lillian home from the hospital. Now shes six!!
Anyhow better get some housework done, its 5:40 am here and I have to get Lily up for school in a couple hours.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Its a................................

Yep we found out today!! I am so excited and okay not to surprised to be honest, I had an inkling. But we did get a peek down there and we are pleased and SO proud to announce in April we will be bringing another daughter into our house!! YES ITS A GIRL! I am so excited. We chose the name Sophia Grace for her. I thought I would fly by and let ya know!!! Big hugs!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Day of Vacation boooo

Tomorrow Lillian is going back to school, its crazy. It seems like she was just starting her winter break for school. On one end of it all I am glad to get some normalcy going around here. Maybe catch up on the house work and for some odd reason the boys play so much better when Lily is in school. They have been all fighting quite a bit amongst themselves this past week. A lot of that just may be them all getting older and catching on to the rhythm of life and sibling hood LOL. I mean when I was a kid all my brother and I did was fight. He even gets on my nerves now and hes 21 years old! Though I will say to his defense that he is a big kid at heart so that is probably why. Once a little brother, always a little brother. I even see the little brother in my husband sometimes. I bet he drove my sister in law CRAZY when they were kids. Hes an amazing man but he has a tendency to really love to pick and pick and prod. He thinks its hilarious to, of course to anyone looking on the outside in it probably is funny. It also so happens I am the oldest of my siblings so I was the one that always had the joy of a younger brother picking and picking and prodding. Like I said, circle of life LOL.
Tomorrow is a big day around here too! For the tenth time, and I am sure you all know by now but its our big doctor's appointment!! We are finally going to know what our little peanut is! Well it sure doesn't feel like a little peanut when it moves these days. But I am not quite sure what to call the baby, we don't have any nicknames.
The project 365 is going awesome! I am having a blast though today I am having a hard time getting the kids cooperate long enough to get a decent photo. They are all wound up and wild. Noah is in bed watching television so I think he is tired and may fall out any moment now but hte older kids are probably driving our neighbors crazy. The are SO loud! I have pretty much figured that for my project I really want to stick to pictures of my kids. While I don't mind taking the random photo here or there I think it would be awesome to look back at the end of the year and see how they have grown. I am also really hoping to grow in my photography and really want to focus in children's photography so this may help as well.
Well off to try to get something accomplished today. My hubby let me sleep in so I am way behind on the housework and I want to get these kids some lunch before I make them nap.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Just a Quick One

I for the life of me can not figure out why my four year old is still awake at 2 A.M. I just tucked him in for the tenth time tonight so lets hope this time sticks lol! I figured while I was up and browsing I would take a moment to pop in a post a photo of Lily I got around to really editing and love love love!
I am also REALLY excited to take another photo tomorrow. My minds already going a mile a minute trying to come up with ideas. I hope I can shut it off in time to sleep for at least a few hours. This is more likely then not why I am not getting over this cold LOL.
Oh and another exciting note its Friday!! Friday means only 3 more days till Monday! Monday is my ultrasound! I am so anxious to know what I am having, the suspense is killing me right now.
Okay so heres a photo (not my 365) just a photo I love! Check out my 365 blog for yesterday's photo(s) of the day.

Good night!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!